Minggu, 05 September 2010

crack blackberry application trial

“Hack” blackberry applications the easy way

1. Update your blackberry date to 1 jan 2099 ( Example )
2. Download OTA Applications
3. Restore back your BlackBerry Time and Date
4. Voila ?

Blackberry Applications that had been tested and working for *cracked*

-eWallet Professional Edition for BlackBerry v6.1.3 for bold
OTA http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=23990&n=eWallet-Professional-Edition-for-BlackBerry
-BBTran Pro
OTA http://www.bbtran.com/pro/about-pro/
OTA http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=26168&n=BerryBuzz—Custom-LED-Colors%2C-Repeating-Alerts-and-more!
-Berry Locator
OTA http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=26206&n=Berry-Locator
-Profiler v1.5
OTA http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=21041&n=Profiler—Automate-profile-switching

Blackberry Applications that had been tested and cannot be *cracked* using this methods

-Mobile Data Alerter
-roblock anti theft
-berry pop-up
-Message Peek

Probably im gonna do some research for how to resolve this issue, or maybe you want to ro support my research, simply contact me by email sakitjiwa-at-antihackerlink.or.id

Thank you for jelounge@kaskus

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