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Harry Potter 1-7

Harry Potter e-book download
Harry Potter full Collection


Part 1:- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:-

Part 2:- Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets:-

Part 3:- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban:-

Part 4:- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:-

Part 5:- Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix:-

Part 6:- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:-

Part 7:- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:-

This is a Reference Quality Electronic Book Version of the American Scholastic Hard Cover books.

Completely NEW OCR scans.
Completely NEW Graphic scans.
EXACT layout and page sizes.
EVERY font, all fonts embedded.
EVERY word on EVERY line.
PROOFED 3 times.
UPDATED with the latest corrections from The Harry Potter Lexicon.
ULTIMATE reference for any Potter fan.

When viewing in Adobe Reader:-
To make sure you are seeing the book exactly as the original please check...
View -> Page Display-> Two-Up and Show Cover Page During Two-Up are ticked
or have a look at the READER SETTINGS.JPG graphic.

The PDF's have been encrypted but can be printed at full quality and all text and graphics can be copied but the pages can't be deleted or re-arranged.
This also stops the Metadata being changed easily.

The RTF's are exactly the same text as the PDF's with inverted comma's having spaces between so - " ' and ' "
and ellipsis replacing spaced full stops. Graphics have been replaced with the corresponding text.
Use these files to make your own ebook versions (LIT, PDB, LRF, etc.)

So feel free to pass electronic copies along, just make sure you own paper copies yourself.

Scanned in the dark by BeB for everyone who has purchased the book and laments the lack of any eBook releases by the Author.


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